Monday, February 22, 2016

Advanced Field Mapping

Just a quick post to talk about the 300 level Advanced Field Mapping paper. There are two options to take, I took the Island Hills option. It was an amazing trip, we spent 3 days int he main mapping area of Island Hills collecting structural information and mapping contacts. The terrain is rugged. Steep and hilly. Lots of river crossings so expect wet feet. Plenty of matagouri and spear grass so you want good boots and tough long pants and a long sleeve shirt. Sun screen is a must and it gets pretty windy on exposed ridges. We usually set off at 8am after a 7 am breakfast. (better get up at 6:30 if you want to avoid the lunch making rush) Usually back at the station about 5:30pm and working on maps till 11ish. Pro Tip Best idea is to transfer all your strike and dip measurements each night and colour in any clear areas or contacts.

Day 4 saw us mapping the Porters Fault. it rained and was damn windy on the saddle. Again lots of matagouri and spear grass, muddy and marshy in places. We mapped fault offsets to determine earthquake periods. About 8 hours in the field so pack lots of food and especially WATER

Last day was geomorphology and involved another 4 and a half hours of walking around the Cass station. Stereo scopes were used to help interpret the area as well.

We stayed at the University's Cass research field station which was comfortable enough.  Pro Tip choose a downstairs bunk room as the upstairs ones are insufferably hot with some people actually moving their mattresses downstairs to sleep in the dining room. Bunk rooms sleep 6 each. 2 Showers per gender.

Pro Tip There is no cell phone reception at Cass and internet comes and goes. We had 3 days without it. You can get signal at Island Hills if you climb high enough.

View from the dining room of Cass Station.
 The Island Hills Mapping area.

 Some large scarps and plenty of terraces.

A pano shot back up the river from just above the Broken River, Cave Stream fork.

Matagouri Bushes over looking the Hog's Back.

Look for Strikes and Dips wherever you can. The structure in this area is insanely complex. Glen's of Takoa was a doddle compared to this place.